Product List

100% Mohair and Alpaca Products


~ Breast Collars

~ Tripping Collars

~ Pulling Collars

~Straight cinches

~Roper cinches

~ Purse straps (or any strap for that matter….camera, gun sling, guitar and more)

~ Reins

~Wither straps

~Gift certificates(any amount and they never expire)


** We will not build and do not recommend using mohair for anything that goes on the horse’s head.  There is too much rubbing motion between sliding the headstall or halter on and off and then a sweaty horse that rubs…the item will be ruined in a matter of months.  Your money should be well spent and the product should last for years when taken care of, that is what we want as consumers so we assume the same thought process when it comes to our customers!

Pendleton Wool Products


~ Pendleton Wool Pillows

~Western Wraps

Performance Stall Mats

(formerly known as AH Performance stall mats)


~all in stock mats are 1.25” thick measuring 5’x10’.  19-20 lbs and roll up with storage strap for ease of storage.


Use the mat in your trailer while hauling, in your stall while at shows, at your trailer on the hard ground, in your barn, you can even take it to the lake and use it as a foam floating pad!!


***Other mat sizes available are:



If wanting to order a specific pattern or colors that is not in stock, there is a minimum order of 12 before I can fulfill the pre-purchase order.  Preorders can be filled by one person or several people combined!


Stall mat sales are final and each mat is inspected before it is shipped out.  If you have a horse that paws nonstop and causing a hole/tear, vinyl patch kits are available or can be purchased at any hardware store.